Thursday, April 26, 2012

Zone Mortalis and Update

Last Week  I recieved my Zone Mortalis terrain from Forgeworld.  There's plenty of unboxing videos and pic guides on the internet so I'll spare you the details and tell you to google those.  I got enough for a 3x3' setup using two of the Zone Mortalis Sets and a Zone Mortalis Alpha Complex Tile (the L shape) as well as a set of small doors and a large door.  Why only one set of each of the doors?  Well I've been learning to use Smooth-On's products and <Redacted by order of the Inquisition> and plan to have 10 Large and 10 small doors to scatter about the tiles.  That's what my rough calculation figured I needed to make all the possible logical rooms with randomized tile arrangements on a 3x3 board.  My doors look pretty good!

As far as planned color scheme, I was at a loss until I came across some this pic of the London Museum of Natural History:
I  felt like the dark grey floors accented by worn brass, with mottled tan and grey walls, and amber lighting (I keep tossing around the idea to install LEDs) will convey the interior of an Imperial starship perfectly.  I'm looking to get started on the project this weekend.  What I need to do beforehand is make a greenstuff mold of the floor details so I can make some Zone Mortalis bases for my Blood Ravens and Delaque Pirates. 

In other news I've started airbrushing miniatures.  I've been practicing on turning some BfM Tactical Marines into Blood Ravens following Lester Bursley's great tutorial here:

I've been through 5 marines now (thank goodness for purple power cleaner) and can't seem to get that nice rich red tone he does.  Mine always come out this rusty looking brown color.  I figure I just need more practice, so I'll keep trying.  I also tried some Sky Raiders Corsairs following Nigel Bartlett's awesome formula and got more or less the same result as my blood ravens. 

Anyway, stuff in progress more to come, and hopefully some good photos soon!