Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Female Kelshan Boarding Party

So, not that this has anything to do with the Heathen Stars campaign, but I'm quite proud of my burgeoning all-female Kelshan Boarding Party.  I have to admit, it's not super original in its conversion work, but work it was.  The designs for the suits and plasma cutters come from the prolific Sebastian Stuart (aka Shas'el Tael) of Eastern Empire whilst the female heads and torsos are the Kadesh female alien heads and torsos produced by Zealot Miniatures.  You can check out my review of these awesome conversion bits on the Advanced Tau Tactica Forums

To be named XV-81 Commander
Twin Linked Burst Cannons and Smart Missile System.  Would twin-linked plasma been better?  Yes.  Would they have looked as cool...not quite, but still pretty sweet looking which is why on...
XV-88 Broadside
While the Urban Assault Suit with the PAC system was not widely adopted by Sacean commanders, it found widespread use throughout the Kelshan cadres performing interdiction missions along the Perdus Rift.  Smaller than new marks of Broadsides, and with the more compact PAC, it was able to provide support to fire warrior teams in the tight corridors of starships.  Haven't decided whether the PAC will be a counts as railgun or high yield missile pod.

 Fire Warrior Team
Same ladies as in the review, although two were pulled apart and converted to carry plasma torches.  These will be used to represent the lascutters boarding stratagem (IA9) and come from Tael's Earth Caste Engineer.  

Pathfinder Team

Okay, this multipart plastic kit is sweet and a huge improvement over the old metal pathfinders.  Doubly so because I can incorporate the Zealot conversion bits.  I selected Ion Rifles for these ladies so they can overheat and take advantage of the blast marker rules in Zone Mortalis.  I may build the rail rifle variants though if I start facing Marines.

Not pictured.  XV-15 Stealth Team and the drones.  They're straight stock models.  Nothing exciting there, but I'll include them when they get painted up.

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