Monday, July 22, 2013

Painting Progress

In order to facilitate the upcoming campaign, I'm going to need two big things. The first and foremost, as mentioned in previous blogs, is a nicely painted Zone Mortalis board.  After a few failed attempts, I think I've got the right dark and decayed Imperial starship interior sort of look.  The second is of course Yan Marcuson's band of pirates. 

I wanted something suitably hi-tech and gothic without looking completely "Yaaarrrr!" as I could get with Empire free-company.  I settled on Delaque gangers with their goggles and long trenchcoats, as I seem to recall long brown trenchcoats being a signature item of another anti-imperial force in some other science fiction...

That said, here's my test pirate with an autogun, on my first nearly completed Zone Mortalis tile. 

What happened to my Corsairs?  Fear not, Neshani and Ielenia are waiting for the right opportunity to reveal themselves...

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