Monday, August 12, 2013

Imperial Navy Boarding Party WIP

Painting on the pirates is moving along slow and steady.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you some of the special Imperial Navy models I'm putting together for my Ian.

First is the Valedictor Imperialis's navigator, Edwina Goodwin:
Edwina was born out of the online Rogue Trader RPG I ran for a while and crafted and played by my buddy Chris.  Prior to joining Zed's crew, the cruiser she was stationed on suffered a Gellar Field failure.  Ed was able to bring the ship out of the warp, but being lawful good to a fault, caused the astropath choir to get eaten by daemons when she insisted on saving the rest of the crew.  She's basically been banished by her house to the Koronus Expanse, and in particular, the Valedictor Imperialis which is turning out to be the dumping grounds for the Segmentum's undesirables.
The base model is a Visions of Fantasy mage.  I need to add some greenstuff details to her clothes, and some more bits and details to her staff.  Basically, she'll look a little more like this image when all is said and done.
Next, you always hear bits about how Ratlings in the Imperial Guard served as cooks.  I never read LotR, so I'm not sure if this is Hobbit reference or what not, but I told Ian: "You need the ship's cook to go with Zed.  Like Steven Segal in Under Seige, except cooks in 40K are Ratlings."  No really, it makes sense. 
Anyway, I picked up this little gem from 1988 to accompany the boarding party.  He'll just be a veteran with laspistol and spatula...close combat weapon.

Finally this is a secret sneak peak of things to come.  Can't reveal too much other than that she was inspired by this pic and was a featured NPC in the Savage Tide Eberron RPG that Zed came from.

Head and Torso by Laughing Monk Miniatures and legs from Maximini Greatcoats.  I've got some Kreig arms on the way for her.  She'll have some greenstuff accoutrements as well to look more like the Officer of the Fleet model.  Debating whether or not I want to keep the hat or go with a bare head. 

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