Thursday, August 8, 2013

Zone Mortalis at Vinnie's House

For anyone looking to participate in some fun Zone Mortalis gaming at my house in a themed narrative setting I've come up with the following guidelines:

List Building

500 points list using the Zone Mortalis Combatant FOC

-extra 250 points for larger games
-200 point Kill Team + Brutes & Boss for 4th Edition Kill Team games

Games actually fought on ship/station will use the following:
Enemy Unknown
Cold Void -As Applicable
Catastrophic Damage: Void Ships & Stations - As Applicable

Everyone will have 2 Points to select stratagems from the Zone Mortalis Rules or IA9 Boarding Action Rules.  Closest Racial Equivalents should be substituted as needed.

List Modifications
Some suggested List modifications can be found here.  Including an Imperial Navy list.  I'm open to anything creative or zany not listed here that may have appeared elsewhere in the fluff like Blood Pact Raiders or Arbites Enforcers. 

Suggested House Rules
Squads of 10 or more may split in half as per the Combat Tactics rule from Codex: Space Marines.

Vehicles may be purchased in squadrons but operate independently.  This must be declared before deployment.

Artillery Barrages (like from the Master of Ordnance, Corsair Prince, or purchased as HS choices in some lists) may still be used indirectly to represent supporting naval gunfire. 

All models of type infantry including, jump pack, or jet pack infantry may claim objectives.

When using enemy unknown rules, when a unit represented by a blip counter is revealed, any models deploying within LOS of enemy units must be deployed within 2” of the blip counter and with squad coherency.

IG Heavy Weapons teams may be individually based as per 2nd-4th edition 40K.  Models carrying heavy weapons must have the appropriately modeled man-portable heavy weapon.

IG Heavy Weapons teams may take heavy stubbers for +5 points.

Tau SMS will use a 24” string to draw range to targets around corners, not straight distance.

Most importantly: No douchebaggery, asshattery, or powergaming.

I'm totally open to feedback on any of the above, so please let me know. 


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