Supplemental List Modifications

Some things from the current selection of rules and lists might not completely represent the combat on void ships or space hulks we'd like to portray.  Here's some suggested list mods to make themed and fluffy lists.  Balance may get thrown out the window in doing so, so use common sense..

Genestealer Cults -may use a base IG list and take cultists (from CSM) and genestealers (from Tyranids)  Not an expert on this list so I'm open to suggestions that would make it more like the old Tim Huckleberry list if anyone is interested

Rogue Trader -may use an Inquisitor and Retinue to represent the RT with either the Imperial Navy list below or the IA9 Tyrants Legion list to represent the classic RT force.

Orks -may take Kaptain Badrukk as their HQ choice to represent a Freebooterz force.  If so, he is an independent character that may take a warlord trait.  Kaptain Badrukk may be accompanied by a retinue of Flash Gitz.

Imperial Navy -may use the IA5 DKoK list with the following changes:

So my thought is the DKoK list is a better representation with its special rules.  The Hardened Fighters doctrine provides a higher WS, which is representative of some references to dueling in the Jes Goodwin artwork and that the fluff gives the impression that boarding actions are more like 18th/19th century fights across decks than lasertag in the corridors from Star Wars.  The Iron Discipline and Fearless represent that the voidsmen fighting these actions know that there's really no retreat and no option but victory.  They either win or will be dead or press-ganged into service on the enemy vessel.
All officers (Commanders, Advisors, Navigators) have a fleet issue refractor field. (this is specifically mentioned in the original Jes Goodwin artwork)

All infantry in the list are considered void hardened. 
Company command squad- may take a medic for +30
Primaris Psyker (to represent a Navigator)
Lord Commissar
Ministorum Priest
Techpriest Enginseer

Ogryn Squad (to represent Ogryn crew gangs)
Grenadiers (Elite Armsmen)
Rapier Laser Destroyer Battery

Engineers (Standard Armsmen)
Veteran Squads (Voidsmen)
Conscript Squads (Ratings -no Krieg Traits, not void hardened)

Centaurs may be taken for Dedicated Transports

Fast Attack
Armed Arvus Lighters (from the IA9 Badab War Tyrant's Legion list)
Scout Sentinel Squadron
Armoured Sentinel Squadron
Cyclops Demolition Squad
Tauros Squadron

Heavy Support
Death Korps Weapon Platoon
Imperial Navy Air Support
Sentinel Power Lifter Squadron
Artillery Strike (IA1)

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